Saturday, April 29, 2017

50 Shades Of Hare's Ear: #36

50 Shades Of Hare's Ear

#36  Bead head rubber legs GRHE

Hook:  TMC 200R, sizes 6-12 (Size 8 pictured)
Bead:  Size is dictated by size and style of hook (3.5mm gold tungsten pictured)
Weight;  15-20 wraps of lead or lead free wire (15 wraps of .020 in use of this fly)
Thread: UTC 70,  tan
Tail:  (Original is white round rubber)  Flexi Floss, white.  Color with tan indelible ink
Ribbing:  Lagartun, small gold, oval
Body:  Natural hare's ear mixed with a small amount of tan, dark tan and clear Antron yarn.
Wingcase:  Natural pheasant tail or Ozark Oak mottled turkey
Legs:  Same as tail
Thorax:  Same as body


(1)  Weight heavily.  Best fished down bouncing along the stream bed.
(2)  Excellent early season golden stonefly pattern or searching pattern.
(3)  Flexi Floss is an unique material in that it is wavy and can be split for smaller diameters.  It has a variety of uses from midges to big steelhead flies.  Not the prettiest material, but has more action than round rubber and takes indelible ink well.  I've used a tan marker to color match the hare's ear.  Note the mottled effect.
(4)  Experiment with different colors.  An unweighted to slightly weighted olive version in lakes and slow waters can be very deadly- especially on heavily fished waters.  Think dragonfly nymphs!

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