Friday, September 21, 2018

Egg Sucking Midge - #21 of 150

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The name Egg Sucking Midge (or ESM) is quite the misnomer, eh?   Or is it?   I have delved into the subject  on and off over the years and it appears midge larva feeding on fish eggs is an extremely rare event.  But it does happen...

This pattern is not intended to imitate an egg sucking midge.  Rather I named jokingly at a time where "egg sucking" seem to precede a lot new patterns.  I am guessing the time frame would have been in the early to mid-1990s when this occured.  It is just another midge pattern with a bright pink bead for attraction and highlights the use of embroidery thread for a well segmented body.  However, I've received some pretty strange looks when asked about the pattern on the water.

The ESM is a great all seasons pattern, but it really shines during and right after spawning.  (I don't advocate fishing during the spawn.  Let the fish do their thing.)  Could the pink glass bead, although small in comparsion, signal an egg response from the fish?  Or does the bead act solely as an attractor?   Hmm.. (Insert picture of Rodin's The Thinker.)

Lastly, I also tie the ESM with a bright orange glass bead and mainly fish it late summer into fall.


Hook:  TMC 200R or Daiichi 1270, Sizes 16-22.  (TMC 200R, size 20 pictured)
Thread:  18/0 Nano Silk, Black
Bead:  15/0 Glass TOHU, Ceylon Pink (#910)
Body:  DMC Light Effects (Antique) #E898 (Dark Oak) (Dark bronze/brown with black thread core)
Thorax:  Dyed hare's ear, black, taken dirctly from upper ear.

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