Saturday, September 29, 2018

Hatching Foam Wing Emerger - #29 of 150

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I am sure, at one time or another, most of use have used a version of the Foam Wing Emerger.  The only differnces between the Foam Wing Emerger and the Hatching Foam Wing Emerger is the latter uses fine rabbit tied loosely for a thorax.  This allows the pattern to breath extremely well imitating movement and emergence from the shuck in softer currents such as flats and tailouts.  It also an effective lake pattern when there's slight ripple across the surface.

My personal choice of winging material is packing foam with the larger closed cells.  These larger cells aid tremendously in floatation and add light refraction qualities.  Finally, with my old eyes, I like a little larger wing strictly for visibility and keep my casts short so I can follow the fly in the bubble line.


Hook:  Any light wire curved shank (Daiichi 1140, size 20 pictured)
Thread:  14/0 Veevus, gray
Ribbing:  14/0 Veevus, black
Body:  Thread.  Uncord the thread so it wraps flat.
Wing:  Close cell packing foam
Thorax:  Gray rabbit.  Use the finest of under fur in the package.

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