Sunday, May 21, 2017

Psycho Brassie

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The Brassie is a very underestimated pattern that I tie on my tippet every so often.  Tied in small sizes is represents a midge and it does a pretty decent job of imitating glossosoma pupa in size 16 throughout the Sierra's, too.  However, the coloration just isn't quite right for me.  I really like the look of old copper which is difficult to find.   Now comes colored wires...  UTC, Hends and Sybai are all top notch with numerous colors.  However, it hard to beat Hends or Sybai and their color range in extra small sizes.

A lot of times I double with two colors to get contrasting colors or subdue the color of the ribbing. Why I haven't done this for the Brassie is beyond me.  But I am liking the effect and coloration. Off to the bench- I have a few to tie up in copper/purple (below), copper/orange and copper/pink. That should cover the Sierra's!


Hook:  Firehole 316, size 16 or 18
Thread:  12/0 Bennechi, black
Body:  2-strands of Sybai 0.1MM.  One each of copper wire and bright voilet.  Twisted tightly clockwise and wound forward.
Wing:  (optional) One strand Hends UV Ice Effect Krystal Flash #100, UV white
Thorax/Collar:  Muskrat, black.


(1)  Color combinations are numerous
(2)  The wing is optional, but consider adding it for extra visibility in late evening.  Keep it short.