Monday, July 3, 2017

Rock Solid

The Rock Solid is tied the same as my Unwoven pattern.  This time I used pearlescent DMC metallic embroidery thread; which, this slightly thicker than the normal DMC floss and then colored the top portion with indelible ink.  The last step to complete the body is covering it with a thick UV resign and curing.  Color combinations are numerous!


Hook:  Fulling Mill Czech Nymph, sizes 10-16 (Size 10 pictured)
Bead:  3.5mm black matte tungsten
Weight:  Additional weight is optional
Thread:  UC 140, white to tie in materials and taper body.  Finish with UTC 70, brown or olive
Body:  DMC metallic embroidery thread #E967 (light pink/pearl).  Tie in 2-strands and wind thread down the shank.  Then double to make 4-strands and form a tapered appearance.  The 4-strands are inserted into a dubbing whirl and twisted tightly counter-clockwise then wound forward.  Whip finish.  Color the top of the body and apply UV resin then cure.
Collar:  A mixture of brown deer hair, natural dark hare's ear, and Sybai's Fine Flash, dark brown peacock.


(1)  I tie a few dozen different color combination, color and do an initial curing of UV resin.  I like to further cure the bodies in direct sunlight for a few hours before finishing the fly.
(2)  Remember to fish these bouncing off the rocks!
(3)  Experiment with different colors for your area.  I guarantee fish!

Rock Solid, Euro Nymph, Czech Nymph, Caddis Pattern, Fulling Mill Hooks, Deer Creek  UV Resins

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